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Selection of a cable drag chains
The cable drag chain is chosen by taking the following criteria into consideration:
1) Quantity and outside diameter of conduits and/or cables to be wired 2)The total weight of all cables and conduits which determines the chain type from the relevant table. 3) Selection of the cable drag chains height and width
4) Determine the allowed minimum bend radius of the cables and conduits according to the manufacturer's data sheet; select the bend radius of the chain.   5) Determation of the chain length in respect to the maximum permitted travel distance and selected bend radius( see individual chain types ).   6) Check if a guide channel becomes necessary for the application.
  Self-supporting length and travel distances

The self-supporting length and travel distance depend on the additional load. A level track or guide channel is required for a trouble-free running. If the self-supporting length is exceeded the upper part of the chain will rest on the lower part of the chain. The high quality of the plastic used for the chain links ensures there is no detrimental effect to the chain's function. The use of a guide channel
is recommended.
Section A-A
The cable drag chain glides on itself.
Section B-B: The cable drag chain slides on the glide rail



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