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Our most powerful energy chain series

Our product developments focus on specific customer requirements and added value. To make EVOCHAIN® (open and closed) outstanding in terms of ease of assembly, durability, stability and noise damping, we have equipped it with five innovations plus proven features.

Rainer Rühle, Head of Business Unit Energy Chain Systems

In the development of the high-performance EVOCHAIN® in closed design, our focus was also on extremely high ease of assembly for the covers. Thanks to our EVOLOCK® lock system and the special design of the covers, they can be mounted easily and quickly at any point on the energy chain and, in particular, disassembled. The closed EVOCHAIN® MP 420 C is now available with five high-quality cover options.

Rainer Rühle, Head of Business Unit Energy Chain Systems

Innovative design and material development

Small components with a great effect. Benefit from the small difference.

In our video, we show you which innovations our EVOCHAIN® is equipped with.

Product information

EVOCHAIN® MP 420 and MP 560 (open and closed)

"Made by murrplastik" stands for inventiveness and top quality worldwide. As a pioneer, we are constantly developing our product portfolio - right down to the smallest detail. With five innovations plus numerous proven features, the EVOCHAIN® energy chain series is our masterpiece. The extremely stable, easy to assemble, durable and low-noise EVOCHAIN® has also impressed the jury of the German Innovation Award.

The evolution of EVOCHAIN® continues! To protect cables and wires from dirt, dust and chips, we have added the closed version to our successful open energy chain series. It is designed for a wide range of applications, especially for harsh environments. The covers in the inside and outside bend that are clicked into the side links as well as the covers on the chain brackets are characterized by their ease of assembly. The covers can be opened easily and quickly at any point of the energy chain. For the chain brackets we offer covers, which are mounted with an easy to assemble lock.

Take advantage of all the benefits of our mp-ChainBuilder. Configure your individual closed EVOCHAIN® online in just a few steps.


MP 420 und MP 560

The five innovations

Basically, the EVOCHAIN® energy chain series differs from the standard offers on the market by the unique combination of five innovations plus proven features in one energy chain and this without loss of stability.

Innovative features of the EVOCHAIN® include the time-saving EVOLOCK® crossbar lock system, the EVORACK® shelf support system that opens on both sides, the EVOCONTROL® gliding shoe with wear control system, and the EVOSHOX® wear-free, replaceable damping shoe. We have also been pioneers in the noise damping system in the side link. The EVOCHAIN® is equipped with a standard noise damper plus an optional durable EVOSILENCE® internal damper.

Proven product features include a highly flexible shelving system, an assembly plan with letter marking, a cable-friendly interior, side links with a large undercut, and two optional holder systems for the external fastening of energy packages.

To avoid plant downtimes, all components of the complete energy chain are adjusted to each other and, if requested, supplied fully assembled. The energy chain includes, for example, flexible shelving systems, crossbars, covers and guide channels made of plastic or metal, as well as integrated strain reliefs and connecting elements.

The EVOCHAIN® is outstanding in durability, stability, ease of assembly, noise damping and ergonomics.



The five innovations of the EVOCHAIN®

Functionality and user benefits in balance

The EVOCHAIN® is predestined for self-supporting, gliding, hanging and standing applications as well as for long travels, high dynamics and high payloads. The equipment and the resulting advantages make the new type of energy chain outstanding in its ease of application.



The locking slides allow easy and quick opening and closing of the crossbars and covers. Since EVOLOCK® can be opened on both sides, the crossbars or covers can be opened from top and bottom - even with mounted gliding and damping shoes. The energy chain does not have to be removed from the guide channel. The time saving is great. The locking status can be recognized by acoustic and optical control.


The new shelf supports can be opened on both sides (top and bottom) without tools or with a screwdriver when the energy chain is mounted. Cables and conduits are accessible simultaneously from the inside and outside bend when installed. The time saving is considerable.


EVOCONTROL®: The service life of the EVOCHAIN® can be extended many times over by using the gliding shoes with wear control system. An integrated wear indicator indicates the on-time replacement of the gliding shoes. Thus, the control effort during maintenance is considerably simplified and accelerated.


Additionally and optionally available, the energy chain can be equipped with the EVOSILENCE® internal noise damper, which functions almost wear-free. As the internal damper is made of a specially developed, large-area elastomer damping element, it is extremely durable. The noise reduction of the EVOSILENCE® is also up to 10 dB(A) in the long term.


EVOSHOX®: The innovative two-component design of the new external damper ensures wear-free and low-vibration unrolling of the energy chain. It is attached to the side links in the outside bend, can be replaced and retrofitted, and is available as an option. The EVOSHOX® external damper, in combination with the EVOSILENCE® internal damper, achieves an enormous noise reduction of up to 25 dB(A).


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