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Unique FDA compliant range

Highest quality & hygienic design

Our unique FDA compliant range includes cable entry systems for feeding through cables and conduits with or without connectors, in hygienic design, made of stainless steel or plastic, standardized or customized.

Properties that impress:

FDA & Hygienic Design

Unique: Our complete cable entry system that combines FDA compliance with hygienic design (according to EHEDG).

Extremely tight up to IP69K

Due to high-quality materials or two-component manufacturing process: Sealing membrane is firmly connected to the housing.

High material resistance

Due to excellent resistance to chemical substances, greases and oils plus temperature and hydrolysis resistance.


Unique: Customized cable entry plates, which can be completely individualized in size, shape, equipment as well as material.

Sebastian Häbich, Key Account Manager

"Food safety concerns all of us! Therefore, it is even more important for us to combine FDA compliant materials with hygienic design to contribute to the safety of our food. Hygienic design, FDA compliant material and customized solutions for cable entry systems are only three of the many specifications we implemented for safety in the food industry, as well as in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry."


Sebastian Häbich, Key Account Manager

Innovative design and material development

Small components with a great effect. Benefit from the great difference.

In our video, we show you the many benefits of our unique FDA compliant cable entry range.


Unique FDA compliant range

murrplastik is the only manufacturer of a cable entry system made of stainless steel and plastic that at the same time meets the high requirements of the FDA and Hygienic Design (based on EHEDG). As a quality company, we offer not only the plastic variants KDP/Z-FDA and KDL/D-FDA, but also the stainless steel variants KDP/S-FDA-HD and KDL/H-VA-FDA. At your specific request, we customize your requirements regarding hole pattern, cut-out, size and material with our unique "KDP on Demand" service.

Where hygiene, cleanliness and safety are important, no compromises are made in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medical technology. The excellent quality of our FDA compliant range is defined by the perfect combination of material selection and design. To ensure that no substances are transferred, our cable entry systems are extremely tight, material-resistant and durable. In addition, they are designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. With our components there is a lower risk for dirt edges, water accumulation and germs.

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