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Holds securely anywhere!

FHS is a modular, flexible and non-slip holder system for dynamic energy supplies on cobots and small robots. It provides a secure hold and fits anywhere. FHS is easy to assemble, infinitely adjustable, space-saving and allows the attachment of a recirculation system.

Properties that impress:

Highly flexible all-rounder

Maximum flexibility thanks to two different base bodies and three different applications plus expansion options.

Fits any cobot

Whether on straight or conical surfaces, on corner edges or different surfaces, profiles and diameters.

Secure mounting on the cobot up to axis 6

Due to special construction of the base bodies and rubber coating on their bottom side, as well as specially coated hook- and loop tape.

Also installs a retraction system

Unique: FHS can also attach a retraction system - and this easily, subsequently, space-saving, and without drilling or threads.

Marc Rodler, Head of Business Unit SUV / Robotic

Our FHS holder system is a unique system solution in terms of safety and flexibility. We have developed it for the direct fastening of wires, cables or protective conduits - for dynamic energy supplies on cobots and small robots up to axis 6, with strong accelerations as well as bending and torsional movements. FHS makes an important contribution to greatly reducing assembly and setup times and increasing operational efficiency and productivity in industrial companies.

Marc Rodler, Head of Business Unit SUV / Robotic

Product information

Flexible Holder System

The flexible holder system FHS guarantees a highly flexible, secure and easy to assemble energy supply on the cobot. It is versatile and modular in use, and adapts individually to the requirements of each application.

The design makes the big difference. The FHS consists of two different base bodies, which can be used for three different mounting options, and a hook-and-loop tape in different lengths (optionally also silicone-free). There are no limits to the possible applications of the flexible holder system. With the help of various holders and fastening elements (such as strain reliefs and ball joints), a great variety of problem solutions with expansion potential is ensured at all times.

murrSystems is the only manufacturer whose holder system can also be used to attach a recirculation system - and this easily, space-saving as well as without drilling or threads. FHS-RS is a complete set for length compensation of the energy supply up to 150 mm. Furthermore, we offer specific FHS complete sets jointly defined for robot manufacturers. These can be mounted on the cobots and small robots without tools.

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