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mp-LM 3

Cost-efficient & durable marking

Our laser marking system mp-LM 3 is characterized by high cost efficiency as well as abrasion-resistant and durable marking. Unique features are: The laser device can mark a wide variety of different materials and is unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio.

Properties that impress:

Minimal operating and follow-up costs

The mp-LM 3 with high output requires no consumables. It is nearly service-free with low maintenance requirements.

Permanent marking

Because the lettering is extremely abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant, it is durable and long-lasting.

Labeling of various materials

Various materials in different thicknesses, shapes and colors for different applications can be labeled.

Very good price-performance ratio

Our laser marking device impresses with low operating costs, high productivity and marking speed (up to 10,000 labels/hour).

Gerd Nothdurft, Managing Director

The focus of our developments is added value for the customer: This applies to both our products and services. With our "Label on Demand" service, we offer a wide selection of customized label plates. In addition to a quality plus, this means significant savings in money and time for every industrial user.

Gerd Nothdurft, Managing Director

Product information

Labeling solutions, hardware, software and accessories.

The interaction of hardware, software and accessories provides real added value with our laser marking system. The high degree of automation allows users to focus on their core competences and save resources. For the customer, consistent system integration ensures optimum labeling quality as well as very high efficiency and cost-effectiveness in everyday operations.

Automated batch processing and marking software integration enable high output. The magazine filling aid mp-LM B enables a smooth and time-optimized labeling process due to parallel preparation of the magazine loading. The mp-LM carrier plates are used to flexibly hold various murrplastik labeling materials. They can be stacked directly in the labeling magazine. However, separator plates can also be inserted into the magazine. These allow mixed loading in one order. With the help of the mp-LM single-line adapters, individual lines of the plastic labels that have not yet been marked can be further processed in the laser marking device. No single lines remain.

The UniversalMarking software used with the mp-LM 3 can also operate other labeling technologies or devices: device-independent and process-optimized, time- and cost-saving, as well as intuitive and interactive.

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