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murrplastik LM 10

Automotive industry

murrplastik supplies reliable components and systems worldwide

As a component supplier, murrplastik is represented in over 50 countries worldwide. Our high-quality products ensure high reliability and durability. They are standardized or specially developed to be solid, robust and flexible for the various production processes.

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world. We are responding to the rapid structural and technological change in the automotive industry with customer-oriented, intelligent solutions based on innovative materials, technologies and services. As a system and full-service supplier, our product range includes energy chains, cable entry systems, cable protection, energy supply systems and labeling.

Efficient solutions

Reliable and durable components and systems

In the manufacturing process of automotive production, the key is the reliability of all components and systems. In order to avoid downtimes, they must function trouble-free. The demands on quality and material resistance are high, especially in difficult environments where, for example, welding is done or components come into contact with ice and high-pressure cleaning or chemical substances.

In-house and external test labs confirm the high quality, robustness and material resistance of our products, e.g. to hydraulic oils and cooling lubricants.

As a component supplier, we are represented in over 50 countries worldwide. Our high-quality products ensure high reliability and durability. They are standardized or specially developed for the various application-specific production processes. Working together on the same level with our customers, we bring our many years of expertise to bear as early as the plant design stage.



Technical expertise and adaptability are in demand

Common challenges

We take on the challenges of the automotive industry. The product life cycle of vehicles is becoming shorter and shorter. New models are launched every year and different types of vehicles are produced on one line. The cost pressure is enormous. The various manufacturing processes of the automotive manufacturers take place in a large number of production plants that are interconnected internationally. All processes, systems and components must be coordinated down to the smallest detail. High-performance technical solutions are required to ensure high-quality, efficient and cost-effective vehicle production processes worldwide. And this is where our products come into play.

For decades, we have been working with the automotive industry to develop reliable, durable, solid and flexible components and systems. We help to optimize the production processes at the automobile manufacturer already at the machine and plant supplier by contributing our expert knowledge in the design phase of the plants as well as by developing our very high-quality and reliable products application-specific.

Flexible, safe, space-saving, digital and much more

Developed specifically for the application

As a component manufacturer and system supplier for everything concerning cables, we are happy to take on the challenge of vehicle and machine manufacturers and stand by them as a competent partner with new ideas and products.

Our experts know which labeling technology and which labels work best together to ensure that the labeling is always safe and durable to read. In the course of digitalization, the automotive industry is using the QR code or data matrix code (DMC) almost everywhere. Especially with the DMC, a lot of specific information can be stored with it, e.g. for maintenance. With our high-quality laser device mp-LM 3, we can reliably meet these requirements in operating equipment labeling.

Our design engineers focus not only on the reliability and durability of our products, but also on their flexible use. For example, the Flexible Holder System FHS is a modular, flexible and non-slip holder system for dynamic energy supply systems on micro robots. It fits everywhere, provides a secure hold, is easy to assemble, infinitely adjustable and space-saving. The FHS also enables the fastening of our recirculation systems.



mp-LM 3

Our automated and cost-efficient high-performance laser marks a wide variety of label types and materials on a project-related basis.

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The mp-LM 3 impresses with its cost-efficient and permanent labeling.

Minimal operating and follow-up costs

Powerful, no consumable supplies, almost service-free

Permanent labeling

extremely abrasion resistant, UV resistant, durable and robust

Very good price-performance ratio

Low operating costs, high productivity and marking speed

mp-LM 3

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Do you have any questions?
We will be happy to advise you personally.

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