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Laser labeling systems from murrplastik

The use of laser labeling systems is proving to be an additional competitive advantage in modern industry. The reasons for this include comparatively low service costs and savings on expensive consumables. 


Our promise

We have developed our laser labeling systems specifically for the high demands of industry. Easy to use and free of costly consumables, our devices actively contribute to the economic and ecological sustainability of your company.  



Unique variety of materials 

Discover the advantages of the murrplastik range. Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and properties for almost any application area – smart, simple and first-hand.  

For even greater variety, prefabricated, anodized type plates in individual designs are also available. 


Laser marking system mp-LM 1M

  • Carry-on case for mobile use
  • Large interactive touch display
  • Convenient insertion of the labeling material
  • Labeling possible without any consumables
  • Permanent UV and wipe-resistant marking results

Never change a running system 
only for a new murrplastik® mp-LM 1M


The latest model in the product series is also a byword for maximum precision and long-lasting results in almost all areas of application. Weighing just 7.5 kg, the murrplastik® mp-LM 1M is as compact as it is mobile. 

Save valuable resources thanks to the optimized interaction of hardware, software and accessories, as well as the system's high degree of automation. 


mp-LM 1M in our shop


Advantages of our laser systems at a glance

Minimal operating costs

Consumables such as ink cartridges are no longer required. We only recommend a regular filter change if an additional filter unit is connected, e.g. for use in the office area.

Reduced maintenance costs

Our laser systems are virtually service-free. With regular cleaning, no further maintenance steps are necessary.

Permanent labeling

Extreme abrasion resistance, robustness to aggressive liquids and high UV resistance guarantee durable and resistant labeling. Also suitable for individual and very small labeling such as data matrix codes.

Wide range of applications

Can be used for a wide range of applications and on materials such as stainless steel or plastic of various thicknesses, shapes and colors – including detectable materials for the food sector.

High performance

Our laser systems are characterized by their high productivity and working speed. They have a manual operating option for producing smaller quantities and a magazine for high labeling requirements.

Compact design

The handy product dimensions and an additional transport case enable space-saving and mobile operation.

Simply SustainLabel

The issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in industry, with new legal requirements and regulations defining trend-setting framework conditions.


With our laser systems, you contribute to the ecological progress of your company – free from environmentally harmful consumables such as ink cartridges, corrosive liquids or plastic films. 


To our shop:
KS Label plate (single-line)
EST stainless steel type plate
LA Rectangular without radius
Label plate KSM (Polypropylene) / KSM-D (Polypropylene)




Stefan Kleinbach, Product Development Engineer ACS

„In order to meet the increasing demands and requests of our customers in terms of quality, speed and cost-effectiveness, we have developed the mp-LM series, which is both powerful and unbeatable in price. It is the result of our many years of technical expertise – from laser technology to process control.“


Stefan Kleinbach, Product Development Engineer ACS

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