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Product voucher of up to €3,600

Order the mp-LM 3 or mp-LM 1M laser marking device with the appropriate labels now and receive a voucher of up to €3,600.


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Interesting prices for the mp-LM 1M and mp-LM 3 laser labeling systems

Laser labeling system mp-LM 1M 

Product voucher in the amount of €2,085.00 for an additional order of labeling material worth €2,000.00


Laser labeling system mp-LM 3 

Product voucher in the amount of 3.600,00€ for an additional order of labeling material worth 2.500,00€


Take part now and order in the online webshop or via your personal sales contact.

mp-LM 1M

mp-LM 3


Orders received until May 31st 2024

Voucher conditions

By purchasing an mp-LM 1M laser labeling system and additionally ordering labeling material worth €2,000.00, you will subsequently receive a voucher of €2,085.00. The order must be received by May 31st 2024.

If you purchase an mp-LM 3 laser labeling system and also order labeling material worth €2,500.00, you will then receive a voucher of €3,600.00. The order must be received by May 31st 2024.

The voucher code will be sent by email to the email address you used in the order process after your ordered products (or a partial delivery) has been shipped by us. We reserve the right to reclaim the voucher amount or set it to invalid in the event of purchase on account and subsequent non-payment.

The voucher code is applicable to all standard products in our webshop except hardware (mp-LM F) stainless steel items & KDP/S.

The voucher code can only be redeemed once and expires afterwards. Please remember to make good use of your voucher.

Validity of the voucher code (April 1st - June 30th 2024).

Advantages of our laser systems at a glance

High performance

Our laser systems are characterized by their high productivity and working speed. They have a manual operating option for producing smaller quantities and a magazine for high labeling requirements.

Compact design

The handy product dimensions and an additional transport case enable space-saving and mobile operation.

Minimal operating costs

Consumables such as ink cartridges are no longer required. We only recommend a regular filter change if an additional filter unit is connected, e.g. for use in the office area.

Reduced maintenance costs

Our laser systems are virtually service-free. With regular cleaning, no further maintenance steps are necessary.

Permanent labeling

Extreme abrasion resistance, robustness to aggressive liquids and high UV resistance guarantee durable and resistant labeling. Also suitable for individual and very small labeling such as data matrix codes.

Wide range of applications

Can be used for a wide range of applications and on materials such as stainless steel or plastic of various thicknesses, shapes and colors – including detectable materials for the food sector.