Cable entry and cable retairetainingstems (KDH)

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You freely define a format, establish the number of openings, and determine the material and application. We can realise any number of shapes and hole patterns for you.

Our cable protection products with Ex approval, designed especially for explosion hazard areas. Approval in accordance with the standards of IEC/EN 60079-0 and IEC/EN 60079-7, to meet the requirements of potentially explosive environments.

Cable entry system for pre-assembled cables

The cable entry system is designed for inserting pre-assembled cables and electrical conduits in divider walls, junction boxes, control cabinets...

KDL/C, KDL/D and KDL/H cable entry system

KDL/E cable entry system

KDL/S Cable entry system

KDL-Jumbo cable entry system

Cable entry plates for cables without plugs

The cable entry plate is a routing and retaining system for cables without plugs or for pneumatic hoses.

Cable entry plate KDP plastic rectangular

Cable entry plate KDP metal cablequick® FDA

Cable entry plate KDP plastic round

Cable entry plate KDP metal cablequick®, rectangular

Cable entry membranes KDM

Cable entry plates for railway technology

Cable entries per EN 45545-2, as well as solutions with firewalls.

KDL cable entry system for railway technology

KDP railway technology cable entry plate

EMC solutions

The EMC systems are used to dissipate electromagnetic interference and conducted fault currents.

EMC shield clips system

EMC cable entry system

EMC cable entry plate

EMC cable fixing plate

EMC strain relief

EMC discharge plate

EMC shield clips system Accessories

Shield terminal

Strain relief / cable fixing plate

The strain relief and cable fixing plates are used wherever cables, single wires or conduits must be securely and easily relieved.

Strain relief

Cable fixing plate

Cable fitting



Adapter plates, blanking panels, catch hooks and much more.

Fastening options

Dummy plug

Cable entry / Cable retaining

Strain relief / cable fixing plate

Securing rivet

Cable ties

Screw-down and adhesive holder


Sealing plug


Tools for electrical installation, as well as for creating exact cut-outs in steel and stainless steel sheets.

Riveting tool

Assembly tool

Punching tools


Die plates

Spare part