ZL-fix strain relief

The strain relief ZL-fix may be used wherever cables, cords, wires or conduits must be relieved or routed in a way that is secure, easy and cost-effective. The strain relief ZL-fix is available in two versions, either for direct screw fastening (flat-head screw M5, not included in delivery) or for fastening on a profile with 10 mm groove width (integrated nut strap).

Do not constrict sensitive cables such as fibre optic cables or pneumatic hoses

No-tools fastening Velcro(R) system can be opened and closed infinitely

Very simple handling

Variable installation positions


Labs free

-30°C – 80°C

Coated polyamide Polyamide 6.6

Further information

Type Order No. Colour Length of Velcro tape mm Section groove min. – max. mm Pack qty. A mm B mm EH mm M mm Ø mm

Profile assembly

Black 929.9 – 10.810303410.7155 Show Dimensions
Black 1719.9 – 10.810373410.7255 Show Dimensions
Black 1707.9 – 8.810253410.75 Show Dimensions
Black 1719.9 – 10.810453410.7355 Show Dimensions

Screw assembly

Black 9210393410.7155 Show Dimensions
Black 17110373410.7255 Show Dimensions
Black 40010373410.7255 Show Dimensions
Black 17110453410.7355 Show Dimensions