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You freely define a format, establish the number of openings, and determine the material and application. We can realise any number of shapes and hole patterns for you.

Our cable protection products with Ex approval, designed especially for explosion hazard areas. Approval in accordance with the standards of IEC/EN 60079-0 and IEC/EN 60079-7, to meet the requirements of potentially explosive environments.

for Murrplastik inkjet, laser, plotter and thermal transfer method systems.

for Murrplastik platelet, label, thermal transfer method and engraving materials.

Software for labelling technologies of plotting, inkjet printing, thermal transfer method printing, engraving and lasing.

Various accessories for the Murrplastik labelling systems.

Various engraving materials for Murrplastik engraving systems.

Labelling material search
Labelling material search
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Engraving material search
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