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We offer you a wide spectrum of engraving materials in many shapes and colours, as well as different optional characteristics. It's quick and easy to find the right solution based on the materials, dimensions, shape, colour and fastening type.

Material for plotter, laser and engraving machines

Duomatt (DM) double layered plastic

  • Ready-made labels
  • Edged mat
  • Location hole for older plotter system e.g. ROP/A
  • UV resistant surface coating
  • Temperature range −30 °C–approx. 80 °C

Duomatt Gravieren (DMG) double layered plastic

  • Non-edged mat
  • UV resistant surface covering
  • temperature area −30 °C–approx. 80 °C

TrioMatt (TMG) triple layered plastic

  • Non-edged mat
  • two-tone lettering available
  • UV resistant surface covering
  • for engraving machines only
  • temperature area −30 °C–approx. 80 °C
Material for laser or engraving machines

Eloxiertes Anodized aluminium (ALU)

  • Single labels or ready-made labels
  • Temperature area up to approx. 200 °C
  • Basic Size 300 x 200 mm

Anodized aluminium (ALU/K)

  • Single labels or ready-made labels
  • Temperature area up to approx. 200 °C
  • Basic Size 140 x 140 mm

AluMatt (ALM) triple layered aluminium/plastic/aluminium

  • Single labels or ready-made labels
  • Temperature area up to approx. 80 °C
More Product Information

Colour Code

WS= White
SSI= Siemens silver
SW= Black
SI= Silver
RT= Red
GE= Yellow
WS= White
BL= Blue
SI.Geb= Brushed silver
GN= Green
GO= Gold
GR= Grey
AGN= Apple green

Features codes

R = labels with radius2 × 3,0 mm = number and diameter of bore holes
HF = labels without adhesive rear (adhesive film)
SK = labels with adhesive rear (self-adhesive film)
SKS = labels with highly adhesive rear (self-adhesive film)
MS = thickness (not specified type designation implies thickness 0.8 mm)

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